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PostPosted: Fri Oct 22, 2010 9:23 pm
by Nspeel
I have a 2yr old female sugar glider, she isnt exactly tame but isnt the worst iv seen... we just got her and i would love to make her my best friend but she wont let me LOL... now i have afew questions about her...

1. Can a 2yr old breed? when is she too old to have babies?

2. What is the fastest way you have found to tame her?

3. Im buying her a 9mnth old male... Good idea? or bad?

4. Is 2 yrs of age adult, kid, or teen glider

5. Can i just get alittle information i may not have known


thanks you can reply to me here, email @ OR (quicker responce) or even txt @ 419-908-3681 (fastest)


thanks again,

Nate Speelman

2yr old female

PostPosted: Sat Oct 23, 2010 12:49 am
by Cora
Hello, Yes 2 year old gliders can breed.  I have a 5 year old still breeding.    9 month male is fine.   where did you get her?  Where are you getting him?     If you dont know much about the background I wouldnt breed them ( I know you didnt ask that)
Tent time is best for bonding. My favorite tent is   It is a pop up tent. Up and down in a easy!   

2 years is an adult.


PostPosted: Sat Oct 23, 2010 12:28 pm
by Nspeel
Thanks a ton for the help and as for your question, i dont know a whole alot about her except for she crabs ALOT! we put her in a pouch for around 6-8hrs a day and idk if it seems to be helping or not... But as for the male we are trying to get ahold of there is an exotic pet store afew miles from us and they sell tame sugar gliders (there very well taken care of and he seems to be very knowledgable with them... He only sells them in pairs unless you already have one which is cool b.c. he knows that there better in pairs and isnt going to let them live somewhere unhappily... We just bought a $15 tent from walmart its not anything special but it fits 2 children and i think its good for our girl glider so she can easily see us and also get away from us if she wants...

I bought her from a guy on craigslist that couldnt care for her as she needed to be cared so i just her relatively cheap and the male will be $100... and i know there clan animals but i figured male and female would be alright

PostPosted: Sat Oct 23, 2010 2:57 pm
by Cora
Yea males and females do get along well as well as siblings.   Just be sure and get a vet visit with fecal float and smear and neuter consult. 
You may find a vet in your area here: ... index.html
Many people dont think they need to go to the vet but they do at least yearly and with any sign of illness as they hide illness well as part of their built in defense mechanism.
I love tent time. Just get some feather teasers, bubbles, finger puppets and meal worms!!!     Have fun!

PostPosted: Sat Oct 23, 2010 6:23 pm
by Nspeel
Did u say something about neuter? I would like them to have babies so I can have more than 2 w.o paying out the *** :) ... But idk about breeding at all... And idk if getting her being 2 yrs of age a 9 month old male is smart or not... And second thing is how much bonding time is to much? She was in her bonding pouch around my neck for approximately 8 hrs today with afew apple slices... But idk if that's too long or not... Plus will she have a problem breathing under my shirt?

PostPosted: Sun Oct 24, 2010 1:03 am
by Cora
The age is not a factor.    The factor is You dont know if they are inbred  as you dont know their background. But that is your choice.   If there is something wrong with the joeys most times the parents will cannibalize them anyway.  Intact males have scent glands on head and chest and have a stong musky odor.   Gliders are nocturnal and are up all night to feed. Mine normally dont eat during the day.  For the ones on me I give them a grape between 12 and 1. Those gliders are on me about 15 hours per day!    Does the pouch have a mesh window?   If so then I am sure she can breath fine!   

PostPosted: Sun Oct 24, 2010 11:52 am
by Nspeel
Did you get your glider tame or untame? and i know all gliders are different but how long would it take at 10hrs a day in pouch and like 2 hrs tent time to get her to at least quit crabbing and snapping at me? i wanna be able to put her in my pocket without her running away from me ...
and is there anything i should do while she is pouched to help her know who i am, and that im friendly... b.c. i usually face the mesh towards my face and make her be able to see me... she crabs for a minute i apply very small pressure and she stops... iv only had her 2 days so im not excepting a miracle just a rough timeline... she is 2yrs of ago so i know its gonna be alittle tougher for me compared to a young one....


And last thing for this post... should i get her a the male glider now? and get it a seprate cage and work them into each other slowly or wait afew months for her to know me and my house and pets b4 i go get her another glider to be friend 

PostPosted: Sun Oct 24, 2010 3:37 pm
by Cora
I have 31 gliders, some came as rescues/rehomes, some were born here and some I got from small reputable breeders.      for my 2 year olds it may take up to 6 months or so to bond. You are king kong to her, go at her pace, let her come to you for treats and stuff.   They are creatures of habbit, keep on with the bonding bag since you have already started the same time every day.   I would get the male now.  It will help her calm down especially if he is tame.    Just make sure you get fecal floats and smears on them to make sure they are healthy before you put them together. 

PostPosted: Sun Oct 24, 2010 4:46 pm
by Nspeel
what is fecal floats? and i have another question when i am getting her into the bonding pouch i was told to turn the pouch inside out and grab her then flip it right side it... this seems fairy as hell for her... she doesnt take it as bad as id think though she crabs for afew secnds tilli get it zipped and then is fine

PostPosted: Sun Oct 24, 2010 5:43 pm
by Nspeel
READ ABOVE POST STILL NEED ANSWERS.... but i figured out if i dip my finger in yogurt and put it in her cage she loves my finger HAHA so i may do this multiple times daily till she quits crabbing at me so much