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PostPosted: Mon Jan 04, 2010 9:51 pm
by Usha77
Everything you need to know about the 1st Annual SUGAR Group RRRoundup!!

Brought to you by the Letter R
(And the good folks at the SUGAR Group)

One R for Research
One R for Rescue
And the other for Roundup - a fun filled gathering hosted by the SUGAR group!

SUGAR Group will be hosting an educational, study-based gathering in
the Amarillo region of Texas. This will be unlike any other gathering
you have attended! With a focus on research and rescue needs, this
gathering will put strong emphasis on data collection and research
planning. We have been hard at work for many months planning this
gathering and assure you that the surprises we reveal in the coming
months will excite you and entice you to attend.

Details will be
revealed as we are able to confirm them. But, we wanted to put the
dates out there now to enable you to begin planning. We will post hotel
information and other exciting details in the next few weeks.

RRRoundup dates will be Feb. 19-21, 2010
There are planned activities that you will not want to miss on all 3 days, so mark your calendars and plan to attend!

Updated Tentative Schedule

Thursday, Feb. 18, 2010


Volunteering at Kingdom Kritters Rescue & Sanctuary
(lunch provided for those that volunteer)


Dinner together (not provided by SUGAR group)
Pouch Bingo


Ghost hunting in Val's building
For those that don't wish to ghost hunt, we will just hang out

FRIDAY, Feb. 19, 2010

Morning & Afternoon

Free wellness checks


Kick-Off Dinner

SATURDAY, Feb. 20, 2010

Food, food, food
Data collection
Secret Suggie Gift exchange

SUNDAY, Feb. 21, 2010

Send-Off breakfast with vet packets handed out and explained
Job Fair


Holiday Inn express & Suites
1351 West Wilson
Borger, TX 79007

SUGAR Group Rate = $89.99 per night
Suites and Executive King rooms available on a first come basis

pictures available at the website listed above.

Holiday Inn Express & Suites just opened last April and is a
completely non-smoking facility. It sits next to a shopping plaza that
has a Hastings (our book, music and video store/rental place), Dollar
General and a car wash. Across the street are Wal-Mart, a credit union,
a grocery store, Pizza Hut & KFC. It is a 3-5 minute drive from
every other fast food place in town and the venue where the conference
will be.

EVERY room includes a refrigerator, microwave, hair dryer, flat screen TV, wi-fi access, iron, ironing board & coffee pot.

include: Indoor pool & hot tub, fenced patio area, sweet shop,
fitness center, business center, fire place in great/breakfast room,
guest laundry facilities on the 2nd, 3rd & 4th floors &
complimentary hot breakfast every morning from 6:30-9:30.

When registering, mention that you are with the SUGAR glider group to get this rate.

There will be NO pet fee, but gliders must not be in the breakfast area, fitness room or pool.


Registration for the RRRoundup will include:

* Shuttle service to/from airport (Wed-Mon.) and to/from each venue as needed
* All take-away materials for attendee and attendee's vet
* Kick-Off Dinner on Friday night
* Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner on Saturday
* A few special surprises
* Lunch served to those volunteering on Thursday

Registration Fees:
Early Registration (Nov. 25-Jan. 15, 2010) = $65
Registration (Jan. 16 - Feb. 15) = $75

will offer the option of paying registration in two installments. For
those that need this option, please contact Val through PM
(Something_To_Believe_In/ Jackie_Chan's_Mom)

Register at

All Registration fees must be paid in full prior to the event.


Vendor registration price is $15 for a table/space. Space is limited, so will be on a first come/first served basis.
This fee is also payable through paypal at


SUGAR group staff is constantly reminded that the RRRoundup is the
primary vehicle by which the SUGAR Group will raise funds to support
the Necropsy Effort for the next year. The more money we can raise, the
more people we can help with necropsy and histopathology costs. We also
dream of being able to increase our rate of reimbursement for each
As always, we cannot meet our goals without your help. For
those interested in giving for this cause, there are 3 different ways
you can make a donation:


All vendors
& individuals who donate an item or items to the raffle will be
credited in the program for the event, provided that donations are
RECEIVED by Feb. 1, 2010


are anticipating 50 goodie bags. Again, anyone who donates will be
credited in the program provided all donations are RECEIVED by Feb. 1,


In our effort to maximize
the funds available for the Necropsy Effort, we have compiled a list of
items that are needed for the RRRoundup. If you would like to
contribute by donating one of these times, please contact Val by email
at and whe will give you the list. You can then
tell her what you would like to donate and make arrangements to get the
items to her before Feb. 1, 2010.

ALL donations can be sent to

c/o Val Betts
604 Deahl St.
Borger, TX 79007

We thank you so much for helping us to increase our research efforts through the Necropsy Effort.


Want an opportunity to earn money to spend with our vendors at the RRRoundup? Well, this is your opportunity!

SUGAR group will offer "Glider Bucks" to anyone that brings us a lab
report, necropsy report or histopathology report. These Glider Bucks
can then be used in place of $1 to purchase items from vendors at the

Here is how it works:

You bring copies of reports
to us and turn them in at registration. We will accept any report that
we do not already have. They do NOT have to be YOUR reports, so gather
them from your friends between now and then.

As long as the report is new to us, we will give you Glider Bucks as follows:

* Bloodwork, C&S & other lab reports = 1 Glider Buck each
* Necropsy reports = 1 Glider Buck each
* Histopathology reports = 2 Glider Bucks each

Each Glider Buck = $1.00 and can be used with any vendor during vending time at the event (and only at the event).

gather up those reports and bring them to us! What a great way to save
money while shopping with great vendors and help our research efforts
at the same time!!


will host a Secret Suggie Gift Exchange the weekend of the RRRoundup
that will be unique and tons of fun! Conference Attendees are not
required to participate. If you WANT to participate, you MUST indicate
that you will participate on the registration form when you register
(registration will open soon). Those participating must bring a wrapped
gift valued at no less than $20. You will receive further instructions
with your registration packet at the event. This one is going to be
lots of fun!


We will be offering free wellness exams on Friday on a first come/ first served basis.

Walsh & Dr. Pearson (and perhaps two other vets) will be on hand to
provide wellness checks to gliders Friday. Wellness checks will include
physical exam, weighing, consultation with a licensed veterinarian and
fecal exams (read by the vet).

EACH glider will be given a
wellness check form, filled out and signed by the vet at the end of the
examination. The SUGAR group will collect copies of each form for our

Visits with the vets will be scheduled on a first come
basis, and can only be scheduled once registration is paid in full. Vet
visits will occur roughly from 9-4 with a break for lunch.


Q: Why are we offering free wellness exams:
A: Two reasons:
We believe that it is important to ensure that there are no active
infections in gliders that will all be in the same conference room the
following day. By doing fecal exams on Friday, we have a great
assurance that all of the precious babies we see and love on during the
event on Saturday are healthy and that we are not spreading a parasite
rampantly through the conference room.
2) The primary purpose for
the SUGAR group's existence is Research. We assume that those attending
the conference are also interested in research. Therefore, we will take
this opportunity to collect data in many different forms throughout the
weekend. One such way is through wellness exams. We have asked for the
past year that people take these forms with them to each vet visit,
have them filled out and returned to us. Several people do so. Many do
not. This is one opportunity for us to get this information on many
different gliders at one time.

Q: How do I schedule my free vet visits?
Pay your registration. After your fee is received, you will receive an
email from us with a form that must be filled out. You will indicate
that you wish to see the vet and how many gliders you will need to have
examined. We will schedule you for the visits and you will receive your
scheduled visit time in your registration packet. If we run out of time
slots, you will be notified prior to the week of the RRRoundup.

Q: What about my privacy?
Vet visits will take place in a private room. The SUGAR group has
always respected privacy and confidentiality. We have taken an oath to
never reveal confidential information. IF your gliders test positive
for a parasite, then the only people that will know are you, the vet
and one staff member (myself or my sister). You are not obligated to
share any information with anyone at the event (but are required to
allow the SUGAR group a copy of your vet form).
We will ask that
anyone with gliders that test positive leave your gliders in your room
Saturday rather than bring them to the conference venue.
medication is needed, we will be able to get it from Dr. Pearson's
office by Saturday morning (so your babies will have it ASAP).

EMERGENCY visits (should one be needed) will be given immediate attention by the vets.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 11, 2010 3:27 pm
by Usha77
The early registration rate for the RRRoundup ends in 4 days! Register Now to get the best rate!!!

PostPosted: Mon Jan 18, 2010 6:35 pm
by Usha77
Hope to see you all there!!  Thumbs%20Up

PostPosted: Thu Jan 28, 2010 9:00 pm
by Usha77
UNSW researcher to present at the SUGAR Group's RRRoundup in Feb.

researcher, Adrian Di Qual, will be in attendance at the SUGAR Group's
RRRoundup in Feb. and will be presenting some of his research findings.
You might remember Adrian and his research team from the research
project that they conducted early last year which involved the
collection of online surveys from this community.

Sugar Gliders (Petaurus breviceps)
and other related species in Australia are disappearing due to land
clearing and the introduction of foreign animals. The Gliders @ UNSW
research team have been studying the biology of these animals as well
as methods to conserve them. Recently, a survey was done using the
experiences of Sugar Glider owners, in the United States and elsewhere,
to find out more about their biology and how they are as pets. Results
were found relating to: how they bond with people; their reproductive
success; the prevalence of health issues; escapism; and the
characteristics that make these animals rewarding pets. These will be
discussed in terms of implications for pet owners and future
conservation implications for Glider species.

Adrian Di Qual is
currently at UNSW completing a postgraduate research program examining
the issues related to the keeping Petaurus breviceps (Sugar Gliders) as
pets, supervised by Professor Mike Archer, Dr Suzanne Hand and Dr Paul
Hopwood (retired Subdean of Veterinary Science, U. Syd).

SUGAR Group is very excited to welcome Adrian to the RRRoundup and to
engage in cooperative research efforts with him and his team as we are

PostPosted: Mon Feb 01, 2010 8:28 pm
by Usha77

We will host a Secret Suggie Gift Exchange the weekend of the RRRoundup that will be unique and tons of fun! Conference Attendees are not required to participate. If you WANT to participate, you MUST indicate that you will participate on the registration form when you register (registration will open soon). Those participating must bring a wrapped gift valued at no less than $20. You will receive further instructions with your registration packet at the event. This one is going to be lots of fun!

PostPosted: Mon Feb 08, 2010 11:15 pm
by Usha77
OMG!!!  It's next weekend, you guys - right around 10 days away!!  Are you ready?!?  

PostPosted: Mon Feb 15, 2010 8:14 pm
by Usha77
Oh My Stars!!! I am leaving here in 14 hours!!! I'll be stopping in
Concordia, KS tomorrow night and then on my way to Val's Wednesday!
Soooo excited!! Not ready!! Gotta go pack and clean!! Lol! Can't wait
to see you all this weekend!!!